Reading Wrap-up: April 2015

I didn’t read as much this month as I normally do because I spent so much time in April participating in Camp NaNoWrimo. Then at the end of the month I got incredibly busy. Camp NaNoWriMo went well and I ended April having written 32,716 words which is over 10,000 words more than the 20K goal I started with.

Instinct by Sherrilyn KenyonShort Synopsis: The sixth book in a series about a boy who discovers a world of dark hunters and demons he never knew existed but is suddenly out to get him for reasons not revealed until later in the series.

Thoughts: This book was the shortest in the series too far, and I feel it was too short. The author didn’t go into her usual depth with character interactions and events. Everything felt rushed. None the less, this was still a fun read, and I find the fact that Sherrilyn Kenyon manages to write so many books in the same fictional universe (around 30 and counting) is extremely impressive. Especially when a fore mentioned books contain only minor inconsistencies. Someone I know who has read most of the Dark Hunter Universe books pointed the inconsistencies out to me. I never noticed.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar WildeShort Synopsis: Dorian Gray makes a wish on a painting to be young and beautiful forever while the painting ages. Unfortunately, Dorian’s wish is at the cost of his soul.

Thoughts: I don’t usually rate classics, but I really enjoyed this one. It is much easier to read than most classics, and I enjoyed the overall plot. I also read this book at the perfect time because around the day I finished it I found a large picture of myself had arrived at my house.

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Fire in the Woods by Jennifer M. EatonShort Synopsis: A teenage girl living on a military camp finds her “dream boy” in the woods the night after a mysterious plane crash.

Thoughts: This novel involves aliens. I read it as research for my current writing project which also involves space aliens. It is very much a paranormal romance novel with aliens and there were many times it had me rolling my eyes and needing to suspend my disbelief, but I appreciated that the romance progresses slower in this novel than most of similar varieties I’ve read. This book was also well paced and therefore hard to put down.

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The Young Elites by Marie LuShort Synopsis: Teenagers who survived a plague get super-powers.

Thoughts: I’ve noticed Marie Lu likes to write about plagues. This book felt like it followed a formula, and there were aspects I really liked, and others that didn’t work for me. I’m very conflicted in my feelings towards this book, but will probably read the sequel.


3 blue jays


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3 thoughts on “Reading Wrap-up: April 2015

    1. Yes, now I think about The Picture of Dorian Gray every time I walk by my new portrait. I had forgotten it was coming. Unfortunately, I somehow doubt the picture will ever grant me eternal youth. 🙂 Hope you like the book if you decide to read it!


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