Rating System

The blue jays used in my reviews were free-handed by yours truly on Microsoft Paint, but the font used in them is Edwardian Script. They were inspired by an art project I did back in fifth or sixth grade.

5 blue jays: 

five blue jays

This book was truly breathtaking. The writing was wonderful, the plot was outstandingly well thought out, and the world building and character development were all well done. I also found this book to be an enjoyable, thoughtful read. I am in awe of the writers ability to move people with words. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s interested.

4.5 blue jays:

4.5 blue jays

This book was outstanding. It likely had enjoyable writing, plot, world building, and believable characters. However, I probably found the writing style average in one or two of the aforementioned ways. This book is likely also enjoyable and though provoking. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested.

4 blue jays: 

4 blue jays

This book was  extremely enjoyable. Many aspects of this book were above average, however some aspects were in need of improvement. I recommend this book to anyone who’s interested.

3.5 blue jays: 

3.5 blue jays

There are other people out there who will likely find this book far more enjoyable than I have. I am likely not the intended audience, but I recommend this book to anyone who feels that they might find this story enjoyable.

3 blue jays: 


3 blue jays

This book was fairly good, but there was likely a lack of originality in either the plot, characters, or method of presentation.

2.5 blue jays:

2.5 blue jays

This book was slightly below average, but no where near cringe worthy. There is likely a more enjoyable book out there, but it might be worth a read if your looking for a book in a last minute setting.

2 blue jays: 

2 blue jays

This book was alright, but I felt as though it could have been better. The author put some amount of effort into this story but maybe they just weren’t ready (it should be noted that this isn’t necessarily true). I likely did not finish this story. (i.e. this rating will only appear on rare occasions.)

1.5 blue jays: 

1.5 blue jays

I didn’t really care for this book.

1 blue jay: 

1 blue jay


It is a book . . . that’s just about the only thing I have to say.

.5 blue jay: 

0.5 blue jay


This was not a book. It was a series of random letters or images bound together using the same method that one might see used upon a book.

*Note: The above rating system might sometimes be used to apply to movies, novellas, and TV shows and should be adjusted accordingly.


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