October and November Wrap-Up

Sorry for the hiatus everyone, but now I’m back. Since I missed my wrap-up for October this will be a wrap-up for both October and November.

I haven’t had a lot of free time for the past two months, so I only read five books, but five is better than nothing.


Short Synopsis: Orphan boys compete for the for the chance to impersonate the crown prince.

Thoughts: This book was a lot of fun, and I would have loved it if I’d read it a few years ago. The plot was my favorite part, and I loved the twist towards the end. However, I found the main character annoying at times, and would have liked more variety in the world building from what I’ve read before.

Rating: 3 blue jays27190613

Short Synopsis: If Vlad the Impaler was female.

Thoughts: I’m of two minds about this book. On one hand, I learned a lot about the Ottoman Empire, found the characters well developed, and the plot enjoyable. On the other hand, it feels odd to me when authors write novels about real people and the story felt abrupt. Part of my problem with the ending stems from me believing this book to be a standalone when it isn’t, but I still felt the ending was sudden.

Rating: 4 blue jays

23677341Short Synopsis: Boy is abducted by aliens and told all he needs to do to save the world is push a button, but he isn’t sure he wants to.

Thoughts: This book was not what I expected. There was a lot less sci-fi than I thought there would be, and a lot more contemplating humanity.

That said, I read this book in only a day or two, which is faster than any of the other books I read during this time period, and I recognize awesome character development and an interesting theme when I see them. As a result, I’ve given the book a high rating, in spite of the fact that it had too many contemporary elements for my reading preferences.

Rating: 4 blue jays

27161189Short Synopsis: Final book in a long and drawn out series.

Thoughts: There was only one character in this book I actually cared about, and he is the only reason I kept reading when otherwise this would have been a DNF about three books ago. I would have liked to see more of this side character in the book.


2.5 blue jays

26228034Short Synopsis: Second book in the Broken Earth series.

Thoughts: I loved the first book and was really excited for the sequel. While I did like the first book a little more, I still loved this novel. The world-building is some of the best I’ve seen.


4.5 blue jays


Post NaNoWriMo/November 2015 Wrap-up

Nano 2015 Chart

I technically didn’t win NaNoWriMo, but did finish my first draft. This was my original goal for the month, so I’m satisfied. I also managed to keep up with the progress bar for the first fifteen days as shown above. Considering this was my first semester in college, I’m surprised I managed to keep up for so long.

The reason this draft was so short is in part because my first drafts are very underwritten, and also because I was writing middle grade. My November project follows twelve-year-old Rebah who has grown up to believe she is a robot, and has never seen another human-being.


I didn’t read much this month because I was so busy writing. I’m actually surprised I found any time to read at all.

Short Synopsis: In this futuristic society children are raised to be turned into horrific “creatures” on their fourteenth birthdays.

Thoughts:  I’ve read many of Garth Nix’s books. As always there was unique world building, but in this case the execution left something to be desired. I never felt entirely invested in the characters and the story.

Rating: 3 blue jays

Short Synopsis: Book six in a series about aliens blending in on Earth while other aliens try to invade.

Thoughts: These books are very addictive. Normally, I would have stopped reading a series I was having this level of enjoyment of, but I just feel too much urge to find out what happens next. That doesn’t mean I’m beyond skimming, though.

I had some issues with plot holes in previous books that were solved in this one. (*book 1 minor spoilers* How were they planning to repopulate a planet with only nine people left?)


3 blue jays

Short Synopsis: Four children summon ancient beasts of legend though a ritual that binds a human and an animal.

Thoughts: Each book in this series is written by a different author, many of them well known. I’m interested to see how the series will progress through each change in writer. This book was a fun introduction to this fictional universe. I have recommended this series to my brother.


4 blue jays